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Created in the early 2000s, the PayPal payment method is now used all over the world. A true alternative to credit cards and checkbooks, PayPal was one of the first alternative payment methods to be massively accepted by online casinos . But how to use PayPal in an online casino ? Is there a French online casino with PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal method? How to withdraw earnings using PayPal? Thanks to this article, you will know everything you need to know about how PayPal works in your favorite online casino.

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Historic point: Casino PayPal Portugal

Paypal is an American e-wallet and payment company, created in 1998 under the name Confinity and merged in 2000 with, another e-wallet company founded by the famous Elon Musk . The company is a pioneer in currency transfer services. When the Internet took off, it was necessary to find a way to make financial transactions more fluid, as traditional banks were not fully aware of the matter. Paypal grew quickly and went public in 2002. A few months later, Paypal was bought by EBayfor 1.5 billion dollars. EBay wants to make it its only means of electronic payment, to facilitate transactions on its e-commerce platform. In 2015, the company separates from EBay and becomes independent again. It is now the world’s first alternative payment platform to traditional banks. It is a very versatile payment method, which is one of the variants preferred by bettors and 100% safe. It also allows you to send your money to over 190 countries. The account is linked to your credit card and works like a parallel bank account.

How to use PayPal in an online casino?

Like any other electronic wallet, PayPal is used in an online casino to deposit money into a player’s account and to withdraw winnings. In order to ensure that your future casino gaming site accepts this payment method, we recommend that you select it from our best online casinos accepting PayPal .

Is there a specific procedure to follow to use PayPal at online casinos?

The procedure for depositing money into your player account and withdrawing winnings works the same for all payment methods. The only difference between the two payment methods is that delays and possible restrictions vary from one payment method to another. Also, using PayPal in an online casino is generally considered to be one of the fastest payment methods.

How to use this American-sourced payment method?

Before crediting your player account or requesting payment of your winnings via PayPal If you are a member of the site, you must make sure that this payment method is accepted by the chosen site. When in doubt, trust our selection of the best PayPal casinos .

PayPal for deposit

Directly from the “bank” or “cash” area of ​​your player account, select the “bank” or “cash” PayPal deposit method . Then choose the amount you want to credit to wager your own money on the roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machine tables, just like any other online casino game. Remember: playing for real money involves risk. If you are afraid of exceeding your limits, get support in a responsible gaming approach from the online casino in question, as well as from dedicated associations.

PayPal for withdrawal

Again, you can choose to cash your winnings via PayPal from an online casino as soon as they accept this payment method. The payment of winnings in PayPal a virtual casino credits your PayPal account, less certain fees that the online casino is free to establish. On the plus side, as with any so-called “alternative” payment, the PayPal transaction is usually quickly taken into account. If in doubt, check the PayPal terms and conditions at your online casino.

What are the costs to be incurred when you use PayPal in a virtual casino?

Unfortunately, every innovative solution has its downside. As far as PayPal is concerned, we regret the fees applied for each payment to a PayPal account ( unless you make a personal payment, which is not possible in an online casino ). That said, given the convenience of using PayPal in a virtual casino (as with many other types of transactions), the few fees applied remain reasonable.

Is there any fee for the deposit?

When you make a deposit to your online casino player account, the casino has no interest in charging you for this transaction. As the online casino accepts PayPal as a deposit method, we don’t notice any particular fees being charged. However, if you do, we strongly recommend that you switch to one of the online casinos listed in our PayPal best casinos comparison table .

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Let’s be clear: casinos that apply fees to PayPal withdrawals are still rare. But ( because there must always be a but.. ) General use of PayPal is subject to a processing fee. These rates vary throughout the year and are currently around 3%, but can change at any time. Specifically, if you unlock 100 euros in earnings and wish to be paid by PayPal, you will receive approximately 97 euros. In other words, there is a fee for withdrawing winnings via PayPal, but not necessarily because of the online casino ( although some unscrupulous sites take advantage of this payment method to add a “processing fee”.. ).

screenshot paypal interface

The best casinos that accept Paypal

In the early days of online casinos, it was easy to find platforms that accepted deposits at their casinos through Paypal. It should be understood that the digital presence of banks is relatively recent. One of the only ways to quickly make financial transactions in the 2000s was through electronic wallets like Paypal for casinos. With the acquisition of Paypal by Ebay, the e-commerce company began to ban the use of Paypal for casino financingand betting in general. These limitations have resulted in an almost complete absence of Paypal in casinos and non-EBay financial transactions. As a result, casinos abandoned Paypal and turned to other means of payment. In 2010, due to the EBay crisis, Paypal is again opening up to other platforms. Casinos are again starting to accept Paypal as a payment method.

Parallel to the opening of Paypal to casinos, Portugal created the National Authority for the Regulation of Online Games (ARJEL) in 2010. This authority issues the mandatory operating licenses for Portugal and imposes draconian conditions in order to obtain them. Among its objectives is the fight against money laundering. Paypal is suspected of promoting this type of practice, ARJEL simply prohibits casinos from offering Paypal as a means of payment. This means that Portuguese people will not find any online casino that allows them to deposit money into their Paypal account. The same casinos will offer it in other countries (UK, Italy or Belgium), but not in Portugal.

Paypal Casino: Advantages and Disadvantages

The main disadvantage, as we have already explained, is that it is impossible to use this payment method in online casinos in Portugal. If you live in another European country on the other hand or if you have the possibility to open an online casino account from abroad, Paypal offers many advantages. In addition, you will need to make a bank transfer of a few cents to validate your Paypal account and therefore enter your bank details.

Even though transaction fees on withdrawals can sometimes be high (these fees are most often implemented by casinos when withdrawing via Paypal to encourage you not to withdraw your winnings), Paypal offers a high level of transaction security . They are the best in the world in this area. Paypal account can also be linked to your bank account , credit or debit cards. This makes it very easy to fund your casino account through Paypal or make transfers. It can also be used as a financial reserve account. This way you can keep your bank accounts that you use to pay for your lifestyle well separate from thePaypal account for the casino. Finally, deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous , so you can avoid the wait time traditional banking imposes when you win the jackpot and want your winnings back. Also, the customer support is really efficient and if you find any problems with your real money withdrawals, they will be quickly resolved.

Is it safe to deposit or withdraw money at the French online casino with paypal?

PayPal is one of many payment methods considered safe, meaning its eWallet operation limits the risk of exceeding a limit when you play for real money. Plus, you receive a mailing for every PayPal transaction at an online casino or elsewhere. If you are not the originator of the transaction, you can immediately contact PayPal customer service to object to this.

However, we can only recommend that you select a French online casino with PayPal (such as an international casino ) that is secure, meaning that it encrypts your data with complex encryption. Never use your PayPal account in plain sight and do not provide your personal identifiers. When in doubt, PayPal’s customer service is accessible over a wide range of hours.

Paypal Casino Bonuses at Online Casinos

It is possible to take advantage of Paypal among the different forms of payment at casinos, if you reside in a country whose market is not regulated. We strongly advise against trying to circumvent French regulations and ARJEL. However, please note that if you open accounts on platforms such as Bwin or Bet365, you can take advantage of payment through Paypal. Some of these sites offer Paypal casino bonuses on your deposits, up to 15%. Paypal Casino bonuses are a good way to easily earn money, so they are worth taking advantage of.

Does this payment method limit access to casino games?

On the contrary! Thanks to a cash deposit via PayPal to your player account, you can even benefit from a deposit bonus ) depending on the period or online casino chosen. Our ranking of the best casinos with PayPal allows you to take advantage of special offers, increasing your time on game! Also, it is clear that the processing time for a PayPal transaction is very fast (a few hours in general, or even immediately for some online casinos ).

Our take on PayPal as a payment method in the casino

PayPal has captured the hearts of online casino players with its simplicity its speed and its reliability . Unless you voluntarily request it, it is not possible to exceed your betting limits through PayPal. Finally, the PayPal account will allow you to deposit money or withdraw winnings at Portuguese and international online casinos, but it can also be used for other transactions of the day -to-day. Play it safe and enjoy the adrenaline of online casino games with our selection of the best PayPal casinos !

PayPal Casino FAQ: Answers Are Here

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our last Q&A session.

✅ How does PayPal work?

PayPal is an alternative payment method that works like an eWallet. As such, you can make payments at stores that accept PayPal, as well as at many online casinos.

✅ How to create a PayPal account?

Registering with PayPal takes no more than a few minutes. Once your PayPal account is created, you will need to have your account verified. This step takes a few business days.

✅ Which casinos accept PayPal?

Almost all online casinos accept PayPal as a method of depositing money and withdrawing winnings.

✅ How can I withdraw my PayPal earnings?

Simply select this withdrawal method and comply with the terms and conditions of the respective casino winnings release, as each casino is free to apply the terms and conditions of their choice. If you feel that the requirements for withdrawing winnings via PayPal are too high, please go ahead and play at another online casino.

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